Big Horn County School District #3 Excellence in Education - Greybull, Wyoming

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Greybull High School and the home of the Buffs!  At Greybull High School we take great pride in preparing our students for college, the work force, and the military.  We are a balance of academics and extra-curricular programs and activities.  We offer over 45 courses specific to college preparation and over 36 elective courses including vocational tracks, fine and performing arts, foreign language, and physical education opportunities.  We pride ourselves in complying with Wyoming Hathaway requirements and counsel students towards utilizing those dollars. At GHS we compete in the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons as well as have students compete in swimming, indoor track, and soccer outside the district.  We offer numerous WHSAA sanctioned clubs as well as opportunities for students to participate in plays and musicals.

Greybull High School goals include:
Improving academic achievement
         >90% graduation rate
         90% of students will be proficient in reading and or making adequate growth
         90% of students will be proficient in math and or making adequate growth
         Increase ACT composite average

Ensure a safe and orderly environment
          A Positive Behavior Support Plan
          Maintain a drug free campus

Achieve efficient and effective operations
          Provide and support professional development
          Increase staff collaboration time
          SIOP training for all staff

Increase community and stakeholder involvement
           Increase parent-teacher conference participation
           Increase participation of stakeholders at school events
           Increase participation in meetings, workshops, surveys

Greybull High School curriculum is aligned to state standards and to the Common Core State Standards.  The professional development offered to staff and administration is based on Marzano and standards based grading.  The high school has also included Solution Tree's the PLC At Work process.  The McREL CUES evaluation system is implemented within the building and professional development supports CUES and the Classroom Instruction That Works model for improving instruction to improve student growth.

The essential elements of Greybull High School's programs include:
Every teacher focusing on learning
Creating a collaborative culture of teachers and paraprofessionals
Clearly defining what all students must learn
Constantly measuring effectiveness
Systematically responding when students don't learn

GHS is the best high school in the state of Wyoming because of the staff and students.  It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful community devoted to academics and activities.  It is my personal mission to be approachable by all, continually learn, fight for GHS, and show compassion for students, staff and parents!