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Gifted and Talented

The Big Horn County School District No. 3 of Greybull believes the provision of educational opportunities to the fullest extent possible for all children to be the responsibility of the district. This includes the establishment of programs and provision for special instruction to those children recognized as gifted and talented.
Students considered for gifted and talented instruction will be those who have demonstrated the following characteristics: (1) superior intellectual ability as well as some students of high-average ability; (2) task commitment; (3) creativity--the ability to conceptualize and develop unique and new ways of looking at the world; and (4) curiosity about themselves and their environment.
The program will provide the opportunity for each individual to gain self-acceptance, recognize his/her ability, and learn to utilize his/her unique potential in a responsible and productive manner. The program will help the talented student in becoming a productive individual sensitive to the needs of others and society as a whole.
The district will provide the appropriate learning experiences and opportunities or meet the needs of these students.




Gifted/talented refers to those students with demonstrated achievement and/or potential ability in the following areas: general intellectual, specific academic aptitude, creative or productive thinking, leadership, visual/performing arts, and psychomotor ability.

Minimum Assessment Procedures:

In order to qualify a student for fun-time placement in a program for gifted/talented, three or more of the following four listed methods must be used in the assessment procedure.

  1. Achievement test scores on two tests.
  2. Results of creativity tests.
  3. Nominations, observations, and recommendations of teachers and other school personnel.
  4. Documentation from experts in a given field (art, music, drama, etc.).

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Placement:

The student must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Scores on standardized achievement tests at or above the 98th percentile in the majority of areas tested.
  2. Results of creativity tests or other assessments indicating demonstrated or potential ability in areas of creative and productive thinking, advanced insight, outstanding imagination, innovative or creative reasoning ability, advanced perception of cause and effect relationships, or ability in problem-solving or abstract concepts.
  3. Results of nominations or documented observations by two or more persons with expertise recognized by the Child Study Team in areas of academic or non-academic endeavors, and could include demonstrated or potential ability in leadership, mechanical, motor, or manual dexterity of student assessed.

In addition, there must be documentation that the student’s needs cannot be provided for with regular classroom instruction on a full-time basis.

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Requirements for Re-evaluation:

The need for re-evaluation shall be determined twice annually by professional judgment by the Child Study Team. Re-evaluation should include a review of student progress toward initially-stated goals and objectives, and could include any assessment employed by the school district such as parent, teacher, and student (self) surveys or questionnaires.



Current Gifted and Talented/ High Achieving Offerings

What does BGH#3 offer for advanced students?


K-5 Offerings

  1.      Differentiation
  2.      Khan Academy
  3.      Freckle
  4.      Read Naturally Live

6-8 Offerings

  1.      Differentiation
  2.      Khan Academy
  3.      Elective Classes
  4.      Freckle
  5.      Aleks
  6.      iCivics

 High School Offerings

  1.      Differentiation
  2.      Dual Enrollment
  3.      Concurrent Enrollment
  4.      AP courses

Beyond School Opportunities

  1.      Science Fair
  2.      History Day
  3.      Academic Challenge
  4.      Speech and Debate

Options for Gifted and Talented (National Association for Gifted Children)

  •       Acceleration
  •      Curriculum Compacting (Differentiation)
  •      Grouping
  •      Pull out
  •      Teacher Training (Differentiation and serving advanced students)