Greybull High School Guidance & Counseling

Counselor Greeting

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope this site provides you with information that helps make informed decisions regarding your education and future as well as serves as a resource to services that are available through the GHS Counseling department and related area agencies.

 The short time spent in high school are very important years. Students are in the process of preparing themselves for life after high school. Whether students choose to continue education, join the military or seek employment, their path through high school is an important one. This process involves setting goals and objectives that each student will work toward individually. Success in completing these goals and objectives requires diligence, hard work and communication. The path a student chooses to take will have much to do with their attitude, work ethic, responsibility and dedication to their high school education.

This time can be trying and stressful for students juggling their academics, extra-curricular activities, and personal relationships, while also debating their post high school plans. For many parents and students, plans and decisions often culminate during the senior year and these decisions can be difficult as well as emotional to make.

 The Greybull High School Counseling Department would like to extend the offer of any assistance that may be needed when formulating plans and decisions for your future. The departments role is to offer any support and professional guidance that might aide you in your decision making process.

The administration and staff at Greybull High School are proud of our students and encourage students and parents to work together as a team to help ensure the high school years are productive and rewarding.