Principal's Message

Greybull High

Welcome to Greybull High School and the home of the Buffs!  At Greybull High School we take great pride in preparing our students for college, the work force, and the military.  We are a balance of academics and extra-curricular programs and activities.  We offer over 45 courses specific to college preparation and over 36 elective courses including vocational tracks, fine and performing arts, foreign language, and physical education opportunities.  We pride ourselves in complying with Wyoming Hathaway requirements and counsel students towards utilizing those dollars. At GHS we compete in the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons as well as have students compete in swimming, indoor track,cross country, and soccer outside of the district.  We offer numerous WHSAA sanctioned clubs as well as opportunities for students to participate in plays and musicals.

The Foundations Of Greybull High School

Our Mission: Meet students where they are and challenge them to learn and grow daily

Our Vision: Growth, Perseverance, Empathy, Respect

Our Collective Commitments: In order to fulfill our fundamental purpose and become the school we describe in our vision statement, each member of the staff commits to the following:

  • I will work with my PLC colleagues to achieve our mission and vision

  • I will use best teaching practices to ensure that achievement results are based on accurate inferences from student curriculum and assessments

  • I will provide students additional opportunities to demonstrate proficiency or mastery over standards and subject specific content

  • I will utilize numerous data points when determining interventions and enrichments

  • I will ensure standards reports are reflective of priority standards and proficiency scales

As a Result of That Commitment:

  • The school is a community with a collaborative culture of shared values and visions that challenges all students to learn at advanced levels

  • The school has systems in place that ensure evidence of student learning is used to provide timely support for struggling students and enrichment and extended learning for students demonstrating they are highly proficient

  • The school will strive to increase the percentage of students pursuing the most rigorous curriculum in each content area

  • Students who can’t do the work will receive targeted support

  • Students who don’t do the work will be held accountable - learning must be mandatory

  • The School Improvement Plan will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect need and direction 

Our School Wide Goals:  We will monitor the following indicators to mark our progress

  • Increase the number of proficient students 

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment where every student has an advocate

  • Decrease achievement gap between disaggregated groups

  • Maintain 95% or higher student graduation rate 

  • Prepare every graduate for college, the military, or the workforce 

GHS is the best high school in the state of Wyoming because of the staff and students.  It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful community devoted to academics and activities.  It is my personal mission to be approachable by all, continually learn, fight for GHS, and show compassion for students, staff and parents!