Curriculum Development, Adoption and Review:

Board Policy: IF

Constant adaption and development of the curriculum is necessary if the district is to meet the needs of the children in its schools. Therefore, the Board expects the administration and faculty to continually evaluate programs to see that they meet the needs of students and to undertake intensive curriculum evaluation and revision to design instructional programs and courses of study that will forward the educational goals of the district.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for providing the leadership necessary to develop a district-wide curriculum, and for working directly with principals and teachers. The Board of Trustees may in its discretion appoint a curriculum coordinator who shall be directly responsible for the coordination of the school district curriculum among students, staff and administrators and shall report to the Superintendent.

The Board will hear regular reports on district programs and on-going curriculum study and revision. It shall consider recommendations of the staff for intensive curriculum study and may authorize the establishment of curriculum committees to work in particular areas. The Board shall also be receptive to the desires of parents and students in considering changes in the curriculum.

All new programs and courses of study shall be subject to Board approval after review by the administration, as shall elimination or extensive alteration of programs and courses.

All teachers have professional obligations to the school program beyond regular classroom duties, and these duties shall include work on curriculum committees. It is expected that all teachers will make a contribution to this work. 

Basic Instructional Program:
Board Policy: IGA