Student Data Privacy

It shall be the responsibility of all District employees to supervise and monitor usage of the online computer network and access to the Internet in accordance with this policy and the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Procedures for the disabling, filtering or otherwise modification of any technology protection measures shall be the responsibility of the Technology Director or designated representatives. To request modification:

  1. Follow the district’s chain of communication process to alert building administration via a written request or email of desired changes and associated rationale for the proposed changes to the District’s filtering software. Requests may be made anonymously.

  2. Building administrators may approve the request or deny the request via written response or email citing:

  • Student Internet Safety Concerns CIPA

    • Student Data Privacy Concerns

    • Lack of instructional value or need

    • Potential for misuse

    • Infrastructure Requirements (ex. bandwidth, hardware, etc.)

    • Financial Implications

    • Logistical or management concerns

  1. Requests for access shall be granted or denied within three (3) school days in most cases.

  2. An appeal of the decision to grant or deny access to a web site may be made in writing
    to the Board of Education. Persons who wish to remain anonymous may mail an anonymous request for review to the Board of Education at the School District’s Central Office, stating the web site that they would like to access and providing any additional detail the person wishes to disclose.

  3. In case of an appeal, the Board of Education will review the contested material and make a determination.

  1. Material subject to the complaint will not be unblocked pending this review process.In the event that a District student or employee feels that a web site or web content that is available to District students through District Internet access is obscene, child pornography, or “harmful to minors” as defined by CIPA or material which is otherwise inappropriate for District students, the process described above should be followed, except any decision to filter or block web content will be made within thirty (30) days.

Violations of acceptable use may result in a loss of access as well as legal and/or disciplinary action including recommendations for suspension and/or expulsion. 


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